Patterns of life: contemporary woven tapestries of Karen refugee women
Artists: Mu Naw Poe, Shuklay Tahpo

This exhibition reflects the new life adopted by Karen refugee artists Mu Naw Poe and Shuklay Tahpo. A new method of working – woven tapestry – joyfully expresses their new environment and life in Australia. A selection of small, exploratory sample tapestries is shown alongside a group of larger works, which demonstrate the artists’ growing command of the language of tapestry and their passion for the medium. In early 2013, a group of Karen refugee women undertook a tapestry training program at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne. Their tutor, Sara Lindsay, has continued to work with two members of the group, Mu Naw Poe and Shuklay Tahpo, visiting their homes on a fortnightly basis to encourage the development of skills and design material.