Guest co-curator Lola-Mae Pink
Artists: Paul Yore, Daniel R Marks, Ebony Hickey, Gideon Wilonja, Brooke Van Der Linden, Nathan Beard, Ophelia Bakowski

FLUID is mutable, adaptable, flexible and versatile, all of which are becoming necessary for us to carve our own path into an uncertain future. Influenced by the LGBTQI+ community, FLUID interrogates how shifting identities are redefining male/female gender norms and creating life outside binary ideals. Change occurs as we deconstruct the ways in which we are taught to understand our intersecting identities. Reconsidering an approach to the world by considering how we define ourselves, FLUID coincides with the Midsumma Festival and centres non-binary and LGBTIQ+ artists, including Indigenous and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) artists.