Curator: Tamara Watt
Artists: Amanda Johnston, Brandon Scott McFadden, Bryan Baldwin, David Ashley Kerr, David Mellows, Deb Bain-King, Dianne Beevers, Heather Horrocks, Johnny Empeigne, Karenne Rees, Karen Stanke, Karla Stanley, Kate Golding,
Laura Power Davies, Marni Smallwood, Megan Webber, Michele Burber, Paul Kalemba, Ri Van Veen, Rosemarie Reber, Sue Anderson, Vicki Saray, Yvonne Paton, Terri Brooks, Sherry Paddon

Landscape has been a preoccupation of artists since the early days of colonisation. In LAND, artists explore both European and Indigenous ways of seeing and representing the landscape.
Roll through the planes and hills of the rural landscapes, suburban vistas, micro and macro outlooks through a variety of innovative styles and mediums.