Guest co-curator: Clive Gono
Artists: Imran Abdul Kashem, Erasmo Di Mauro, Michelina Di Mauro, Daniel Fard, John Mathet, Ceardai Demelza, Xiang Li, Anita Joanna Landman, Megan Bonnici, Emmet Davies, Ivy Mutuku, Jonathon Toaishara

When is artwork new? Some say nothing is new, but NEW may prove them wrong. NEW presents contemporary perspectives by talented emerging artists living in Wyndham who have yet to be discovered. Artists such as Ceardai Demelza, who produces bold works that surprise, confront and delight with new visions and ideas, allowing audiences to interpret the nuances in the artwork in their own way. Imran Abul Kashem produced a series of beautiful photographs documenting the changes to Werribee South from agricultural to residential. in Green Wedge