Artists: Elizabeth Boustead, Fiona Cabassi, Sal Cooper, Dagmara Gieysztor, Madison Griffiths, Bernard Leibov, Jill McCalman

Artists have been using paper as a support for their drawing and painting for centuries. As the virtual world becomes the norm for all kinds of creative expression, this exhibition looks at the different ways that artists use paper in both a three-dimensional and two-dimensional realm. Elizabeth Boustead has created a large-scale installation using cotton rag paper as well as paper clay. Fiona Cabassi crafts delightful paper wall pieces made from countless small hand-cut shapes alluding to creatures, as though the wallpaper has leapt off the wall and begun to dance. Madison Griffiths uses pens from her travels on paper, which she bought back from Sri Lanka to draw beautiful images of figures that float in space. A paper animation by Dagmara Gieysztor, collages by Jill McCalman and Bernard Leibov, as well as a paper sculpture of a person on a chair by Sal Cooper flesh out this traditionally flat medium.