Artists: Chol Deng Akuok, Elizabeth Boustead, Sean Diamond, Vicki Kinai, Shona Te Hau, Susie Losch, Fono McCarthy, Gaye Naismith, Donna Racovalis, Carol Rowlands, Richard Rowlands, Marni Smallwood, Kui Taukilo, Grace Vanilau

An exhibition of work by artists whose work is either made from recycled objects or about sustainability. From the photographs of Marni Smallwood, the youngest exhibitor, to prominent international artist and curator Fono McCarthy, these works deal with the dilemma of how we live on a planet on which the resources are getting stretched. Artists are among many groups of people who are being asked to consider their carbon footprint in the process of their production. Much artwork is inspired by the symmetry of nature and artists are often sensitised to the natural world. This exhibition playfully explores the creative possibilities of objects that are usually thrown away and challenges our idea of what can be done with rubbish. It also inspires us to take time to consider our own carbon footprint and what we can do to protect our beautiful blue planet for future generations.