Unpacking RACE

A public forum to discuss issues around race and racism

In concert with the powerful exhibition RACE, a series of events were held. Unpacking RACE was a selection of local, prominent and compelling thinkers who joined two panels for an afternoon of questions and conversations about race and Australian identity. Filmmakers, artists, authors, academics, lawyers, sports people and performers speak about their personal experiences and deep thoughts on the subject.
Panellists include Namila Benson, John Bradley, Richard Frankland, Susan Maco Forrester, Odette Kelada, Clare Land, Yassir Morsi, Lynette Russell, David Sequeira, Ruth De Souza and wāni toaishara, moderated by Daniel Browning and Kimberley Moulton.

wāni toaishara curated and produced Sapologie, a performance event that included spoken word, music and video.