Artist: Lyndal Jones

Lyndal Jones has an extensive exhibiting career. In 2001 she was Australia’s representative at the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001. The Avoca Project: Art, Place and Climate Change was an international art project in regional Victoria centred around Watford House, a once derelict two-storey prefabricated house sited on a flood plain in Avoca. For over ten years, Lyndal has involved national and international artists and local residents in projects that involve land works, exhibitions, performances, concerts and symposia, always responding in some way to Watford House and new ecological possibilities. WATFORD IN WERRIBEE created an ‘alternative’ house from the residue of the repairs carried out on Watford House over many years, providing a means for the house itself to continue to embody issues of migration, change and hospitality in the face of the increasingly hostile climate it inhabits. Local Avoca women held live performances of flower rearrangements titled Watford with Flowers in Werribee during the course of the exhibition.