2015 – 2021

Wyndham Art Gallery established the Wyndham Art Prize in 2015. It has become one of the largest prizes, regarding the number of artists shortlisted, in the country. Each year the artists are shortlisted by Wyndham Art Gallery curators and the judging is done by independent curators and art professionals. Winners of the Wyndham Art Prize are David Sequeira (2015), Katjarra Butler (2016), Tina Barahanos (2017), Camille Hannah (2018), wāni toaishara (2019), Amala Groom (2020) and Gideon Wilonja (2021). In 2019, Wyndham City Council established LEAP (Local Emerging Art Prize), which was won by Emmet Davies. The 2020 LEAP winner was wāni toaishara and 2021 was won by Xiang Li. The people’s Choice Award winners have been, Peter Waples-Crowe 2015, Samantha Bonham 2016, Anindita Banerjee, 2017, Carmel Louise 2018, Emmet Davies 2019 John Mathet 2019, 2020 Aisha Hara 2021

wāni toaishara – winner LEAP 2020

wāni toaishara – winner WAP 2019